English Profile

Andreas Leschke
Training in Leadership and Sales

Andreas Leschke, born in 1967 in Hannover (Germany), settled in Vienna in 1997. Since 2006, he is a professional training consultant and he has implemented numerous highly successful projects in the area of sales, leadership and management.

In his projects he fills several roles, depending on the customer’s demand and individual requirements. First he delivers trainings and coaching, also in pilot sessions and roll outs. Second he serves as a consultant on a strategic level and implementation level. And third he takes over project management functions for local and international projects.

Andreas holds certifications from several well established organizations

and is course instructor with high reputation training providers:

He is accustomed to working with and instructing people from all hierarchical levels. He speaks English fluently and delivers English training sessions regularly to international classes.

He holds an academic degree in Business and Management from Fachhochschule Bielefeld (Germany) and a European degree, coming from an integrated exchange program with the International School for Economics Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

In his thesis on Cross- Cultural Management – prepared in cooperation with the European headquarters of US multinational – he showed his deep interest for the interpersonal dimension of business and management and its impact on the overall success of organizations.

To better handle the challenges of an executive sales manager, Andreas started to develop his skills in communication, coaching and training people.

All these elements are now combined in his work to help his customers develop their staff members as well as their organization as a whole and to achieve their goals.

He is experienced in training and coaching people from different industries – from healthcare to finance to retail and production, from small local operating teams to middle sized organizations to multinationals. That makes it easy for him to adapt himself to the individual expectations and demands of his customers and participants.

In his workshops and seminars he creates an open, positive and relaxed atmosphere. This encourages participants to try the different types of behavioral strategies they get introduced to and to further develop themselves. They practice these skills with exercises and start working to transfer and apply them into their daily work.